Wednesday, September 21, 2016

After a bit of a break, I am now back into scrapping!!

You can find my products in both Treasured Scraps & also very soon in Mystical Scraps but I won't be using the blog to post as it is too hard to maintain since the changes.

Be sure to follow my facebook page for all the newest products & freebies

Friday, March 30, 2012

About Downloads

Hi all I have had a few comments stating the downloads are not working
This could be one of 2 reasons
1. The item was a limited time freebie download
2. The freebie may have been moved to my new site
I have set up a new site to make it easier to find & download my gifts & also show off some of the tutorials I have been making for photoshop
Here's a freebie you won't find on the new site though

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taking Back PSP

Taking Back PSP is a community event designed to bring
taggers together for a fun evening, and at the same time raise funds for Pink - an international organization focused on breast cancer research --
something that has affected each of us in one capacity or another.
Join us at the end of March, when we will hold a one
time event, where attendees will have access to a TON of exclusive tubes,
scrapkits, CU items --- and win door prizes including gift certificates, tubes,
and other wonderful things.
For further info stop by their blog

Monday, January 23, 2012

Misfits blog train

Click on the image to download my part of the train
** If you enter a station and are
awaiting your supplies please be aware all members are on different
time zones so you may have
to check back at a later time! **
Be sure to leave a comment for not only mine but
for each participant as a way of saying thank you!
Alika -
Annu -
April -
Audrey -
Beth-Ann -
Deb -
Dee -
Dwana -
Gem -
Heidi -
Julie -
Justine -
Kaci -
Kandi -
Kat -
Kristin -
Leah -
Lesia -
Mavy -
Melissa (Rabidbunny) -
Nicole -
Nikki -
Punky -
You Are Here ------> Sam -
Savage -
Scarab -
Sharon -
Sheila -
Staci -
Tasha -
Vix -


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